10 Best Consumer Video Feedback Software Tools: 2022

Consumer video feedback software or video survey software, helps organizations to captivate, analyze and get access to video responses from customers. These tools assist businesses to get an overview of the current market scenario and gather essential feedback from the customers, which helps them to improvise the services promptly. The video survey feedback helps the advertisers to make better performance in the business, and it helps the stakeholders to use the data efficiently.

The marketing teams and the experts of the advertising and promotional activities often use consumer video feedback as the main source of information to obtain traceable data based on which actions can be taken. The corporates make major business decisions, influential market scenarios and vital choices based on the video-based feedback sources. The video-based feedback comprises of information analysis on brand strategy, marketing campaigns, customer experience, innovation and after-sales service experience.

Social shopping is having a significant impact on e-commerce, and social media apps are a great way to market products and services. The software helps the customers to share their thoughts with their network pre and post-purchase. The prompt conversations on social media right after a product is launched very important to build a brand image.

The features of a product to be included in the Consumer Video Feedback category :

  1. Targeting the active customers for video feedback, or connect the external audience for the same.
  2. Pertaining access to the respondents to record the video feedbacks by the desktop or mobile
  3. We are supporting the users to manage and share individual video responses with the respective stakeholders.
  4. To understand the outlook and prospect of the market investment.
  5. Learning about the market strategies that are being adopted by parallel enterprises
  6. Analyzing the manufacturing processes, significant problems and solutions to dissolve the development risk attached to a business.

TOP 10 Consumer Video Feedback Software

1. UserTesting

UserTesting is an on-demand platform that gives a quick insight to companies into the target audience behaviours regarding the products and after-sales services as well. Usertesting gives real-time responses from experienced customers no matter wherever you work. It works on the four principals of operations – Target, Engage, Discover and sharing. The feedbacks generated can help upgrade the design and UX, product quality, marketing etc.

The prospective customers of user testing are – Facebook, Walmart, Expedia, Prudential, eBay, ancestry, Adobe, P&G and many others.

2. Dscout

Dscout is a qualitative remote research platform for getting in-context user insights. Hundreds of the world’s most innovative companies have entrusted Dscout for its in-the-moment data collection appeal. It works on the four principal of operations, namely design, recruit, field and analyze with sharing. Dscout has a track record of recruiting 100k+ pool of participants. The scouts share meaningful moments from everyday life and share it accordingly.

Dscout has not provided any pricing plan as such, and you need to connect with the website to know more. Explore at: https://dscout.com/diary

3. Plotto

Plotto is a video research platform designed to help unveil the truth under the user-generated video responses. Plotto brags about being the one-stop platform for creating, collecting, analyzing and editing video survey responses. The respondents can tell their story in their way, and it is very much authentic. The insights tell a better story through advanced analytics, shareable and ownable videos.

The pricing of the Plotto software can be accessed for free for the personal plan, and it will cost around £50 / month for the business starter plan.

The famous companies who used Plotto are – Mondelez International, Launchpad research, aba research, Bauer media group, Kantar.

4. Livinglens

Livinglens offers video-based insight tools to convert consumer insight clips into market research. Livinglens invites customers via SMS, email or social media apps, survey link is generated, captures video feedback via apps, invites respondents via widgets, solicit feedbacks from pre-approved database through recruitment pools. The insights comprise of human transcription, computer transcription and analytic representing actionable user generation etc.

Livinglens has not provided any pricing plan as such, and you need to connect with the website to know more. Explore at: https://livinglens.tv/

The living lens has proud customers, namely – Samsung, Hyundai, Redbull, Hilton, Toyota, Scjohnson, gsk, Airbnb etc.

5. Videopeel

Videopeel is an interactive video platform that supports the company to collect, manage and publish consumer testimonials. It is a remote capturing video platform that records voices of customers and video messages as data for further market research. Videopeel has a trio plan of pro costing $49, premium costing $249 and enterprise costing $849 billed annually basis. Pro plan is for a startup level business, premium plan for a growing business and enterprise plan for larger business giants.

Our happy customers are namely – Baybrezza, United Nations, Alcon, Homie and zerorez etc.

6. FocusVision Intervu

FocusVision intervu is an online feedback software that has the prime goal of reaching a broader, a more diverse set of customers and get to the core of the truth of the consumer testimonials in a matter of minutes. The software is popular because it conducts powerful video interviews and tracks online focus groups easily.

The software works remotely and uses a secure platform to capture and utilize your data in an efficient manner. Our happy customers are – Facebook, lily and Unilever.

7. Respondent

Respondent is a remote online platform that helps the organizations retrieve essential feedbacks from customers on a real-time basis. Respondent helps the companies to make better product decisions with confident decision making progress through superior research, and it uncovers the insights backed by real customer needs. Pricing is kept straightforward as $240 total service cost.

The customers of respondents are namely – IBM, Oracle, GoDaddy, Intercom, Microsoft, Yahoo, Square, Dropbox etc.

8. Verbate.co

Verbate claims to bring your research to life with video survey from anyone and from anywhere in the world. Verbate has a study for insightful answers to any question your company asks. Verbate charges project-wise $500 per project inclusive of setup fee and per video costs.

Verbal partners with leading brands to name a few – P& G, Nescafe, Knorr, Smirnoff, Gillette, Pepsi, Revlon, Instagram, Reckitt Benckiser etc.

9. Voxpopme

Voxpopme is a video feedback software for market research and CX design. Video feedback is an essential part of the business at any stage these days, and it plays a great deal to make decisions. It is the only way to create connections and empathy with consumers.

The customers who trust us are – Colgate, Nest, Telstra, Coca-Cola, Adobe, Microsoft, Aviva, Nestle etc.

10. VideoAsk

Video ask is a small platform under Typeform. Video ask makes asynchronous interactions with the audience in the blink of an eye and makes it engaging. It also saves time and saves your answer type in any format you want it to be and shares the link with the consumers. The respondents can record it, and a video is created so on to start a conversation. The software is also available on the iPhone.

Explore more athttps://www.videoask.com/product


An effective consumer video feedback can help the higher management of the marketing specialists make productive decisions, analyzing the market and making anticipated actions against it. The consumer video feedback software identifies the industry convergence, unique technologies, client demands, global trends, dynamic business models and emerging business environments concerning changing patterns.

Facebook and Instagram, which are the well known social media giants, are using video feedback software to get better customer insights. The tools are designed to create a more social shopping experience with many opportunities. The simple reviews from the consumers in their feedback is very effective for other consumers to decide whether the product is performing well or not. Self-recorded videos enable responses to be gathered simultaneously, anywhere in the world and by any potential consumer. The market growth opportunities of the video feedback software are unlimited, and it is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies in the industry.

According to Voxpopme’s CEO, Dave Carruthers ” If you are a brand new, consumers need to be your best friend, and it starts with listening”.

The consumer video feedback analyses the product scope, manufacturing cost and the future consumption rates as well. The organization digs deeper into the product mechanisms, and the entire team pf product managers try to mitigate the backdrops of the products in the market. The video feedback software can be divided into two categories by types – on-premises and cloud-based.