10 Best Courses on Video Marketing to Try in 2022

Video Marketing might not seem as widespread as social media or email marketing, but it has seen exponential growth in popularity and profitability. Social media platforms place very high value on video content and companies across all industries must certainly invest in video marketing output. Irrespective of whether it is YouTube videos on a company channel, a native LinkedIn video, or small clips on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok or such, if your company is putting out video ads, they need to do it right. It is certain that video ads have a higher engagement rate and consequently higher conversion rates. So, in today’s day and age, it is important to know how to market video. Here are some of the best online training courses that can be taken by anyone and will help you expand and fine-tune your video marketing skills. 

Reasons to Take the Best Courses on Video Marketing

Video marketing has been recently added to the promotional toolbox and is absolutely worth it because it is the most versatile and effective digital marketing tool available. You must take these video marketing courses right now because:

  1. Videos can help you make some serious money. If you add videos to your landing page, you can increase conversions by 80% and they directly lead to sales.
  2. More than 80% of businesses show that videos provide a great return on investment.
  3. It is known that trust is the foundation of conversions and sales and building this trust is a goal on its own. Video content engages and ignites emotions, which helps you build trust.
  4. Using videos, you can increase the time that visitors spend on your site. The exposure for a longer period helps build trust and signals the search engines that your site has good content. So, your search engine rank has increased.
  5. Video and mobile are directly related and people love to watch videos on the go. The video audience is constantly increasing because video appeals to mobile users.

Video marketing is essentially the explanation for everything. If you are launching a new product, just create a video that shows how it is used and more than 90% of people use such explainer videos. If you have a difficult concept to explain, you can create animated videos because it is the perfect combination of entertainment and nostalgia. Video marketing helps you create content that stands out and teaches the perfect audience.

10 Best Courses on Video Marketing to Try in 2022

Here is a list of the 10 best courses that you can try in 2022 to improve your skills in video marketing. 

1. LinkedIn’s Online Video Content Strategy Course

This is the perfect course for you if you are looking for an overview of video marketing and finding your footing in it. This course is the absolute best for beginners who need help to be broken into the world of video marketing. This course is taught by Roberto Blake, a marketing strategist and video expert. This two-hour course will teach you the entire process behind each video content strategy, which includes planning, production, post, delivery, and search optimisation. He also talks about the contemporary landscape of online video, the best practices for production, identification of the kinds of content that work well on given platforms, and more.

2. SkillShare’s Introduction to Video Marketing: Plan, Product and Publish to Drive Results Course

More than five thousand students have taken the hour-long course. This has helped marketers with different skills learn how to use video content in their marketing strategies. The instructor, Renee Teeley, provided an introduction to video marketing and discussed the process of planning, creating, producing, and launching compelling videos for the target audience. The hour-long course is broken down into 15 sections that include tips, recommendations, and examples that can help students define their audience, choose a production style, add animation to videos, write a video script, customise messaging for different platforms, and measure the performance of the final product.

3. Udemy’s Advanced Video Marketing for Beginners Course

This course provides step-by-step training to anyone who is looking to improve or start their video marketing abilities. It shows students how to create engaging video marketing campaigns that will reach the target audience, boost leads, and maximise profits. This is a 90-minutes long training course; they will teach students how to increase brand awareness, improve social media engagement, improve search engine ranking, build trust among the audience, and generate ROI with engaging video marketing campaigns and advertisements. The course is perfect for anyone who wishes to create professional videos and video marketing campaigns across different platforms. More than 35,000 students have taken this course.

4. Udemy’s Complete Video Creation, Video Marketing, and YouTube Mastery Course

This is a 14-hour long course on on-demand video and various downloadable resources that can teach you all the tips and best practices you need to become an excellent video content creator and marketer. This is quite an in-depth course that helps video marketing beginners develop skills and turn them into experts in video marketing and production. It will teach students the ins and outs of video creation, editing, SEO, YouTube marketing, YouTube SEO, Facebook video ads, and more. It is divided into nine sections that have 87 lectures and over 40 resources.

5. Udemy’s Grow Your Brand with Video: A Video Marketing Masterclass Course

This course is aimed at marketing professionals across departments, has no prerequisites, and provides learners with the insights and teaches them the best practices that are needed to increase brand awareness, create new opportunities, and drive income. This course teaches you about video marketing campaigns, where videos lie in the sales funnel, what social media is suited for what kinds of video content, how to measure the success of video marketing efforts, and how to build a lasting video marketing strategy. This course offers 20 resources along with a template planner that can guide learners through the steps of building a good video strategy.

6. Udemy’s Learn Video Marketing in a Single Weekend Course

This course is perfect for the marketing professional who requires a dense but fastened introduction to the world of video content. The course covers the basics- planning, designing, publishing, optimising- of video marketing and can be completed over a weekend. The course includes video lectures of six and a half hours. Students will be taught how to create engaging video content, process small ads, optimise videos for higher visibility, develop a marketing strategy, target the correct audience, and stand out in an increasingly competitive market. The course also covers an analysis of types of video marketing, video coherence, tips for editing videos, video retargeting practices, and more.

7. Udemy’s Video Marketing: YouTube Marketing for Business Course

This course speaks about the dominant platform for video content- YouTube and talks about how to utilise it correctly. They provide a quick introduction and get you acquainted with YouTube and then teach you how to use it to build an audience. The instructor, Sam Dey, has years of experience in marketing and shows students how to target the ideal audience, attract visitors, increase subscribers, get videos ranked in the YouTube search engine algorithm, and build trust with viewers. This course is perfect for entrepreneurs and teaches them how to use the platform as a tool to market products, services, and brands to a targeted audience. The course is just an hour-long and perfect for marketers to understand how YouTube works and who have the budget to invest in video equipment.

8. Udemy’s 2021 Video Marketing and Advertising Via Effective YouTube Ads Course

This is a three and a half-hour-long course by the best selling author, Alex Genadinik, which will help you create highly converting YouTube ads that will reach the correct audience and boost profits. This course teaches the students what each setting in YouTube ad means, how to write effective scripts for marketing sales and more. It offers various downloadable worksheets, exercises, and more resources to help students drive the most value from the course. 


The industry has witnessed a major increase in the demand and need for video production and marketing in the industry. This has certainly increased the need for more video marketers. There are reports that have suggested that most digital marketing will be visual and that a large percentage of the ad spend will be spent on video marketing. So, taking the best courses on video marketing becomes the need of the hour. You must definitely take any of the best courses on video marketing to know better about the subject because video ads are certainly a thing of the future. They have more engagement, affect the conversion rate for better, and build trust among customers too.