7 Best Video on Demand Streaming Service Providers: 2022

Ever since the pandemic, there has been a rapid shift to at-home viewing of online content and how consumers wish to engage with brands. Tech and media are coming together in real-time with consequences that will be felt for generations. It is essential for the relatively younger industries to come up with fresh strategies to better services to meet the increasingly high expectations of consumers in the constantly changing video streaming industry.

There are several devices that are being used simultaneously, and users can stream videos at any point during the day. The number of people who are taking advantage of these services has skyrocketed.

There is certainly no doubt that the video streaming industry is on the rise and in an enormous way. Technology is at the forefront of the innovations in this business, and the industry is utilizing these technologies in various ways. The industry is constantly undergoing big changes as tech is allowing the industry to evolve materially. Consumers favour alternative viewing platforms, and this has caused an industry revolution, with an enhanced experience for everyone. The future of video streaming is vast and extremely bright. So, you must get invested in the same. You do not want to end up being only engrossed in the traditional ways of streaming and use the opportunities available. Use the best video-on-demand streaming service providers to expand your reach.

Benefits of Video on Demand Streaming Services

Video-on-demand is a service that offers live streaming and various other benefits to the users. They have brought a revolution on the way content is viewed and has taken traditional cable TB to the next level using the internet. There are several benefits of Video-on-Demand streaming services like:

It allows offline viewing of the previously available content and is generally used to preserve live content like events, tutorials, entertainment, etc. It is especially useful for people who wish to watch at their convenience. So, you do not have to be bound to a particular provider in the long term, and you can switch without worrying about the costs or regulations. 

You do not need a connection, set-up or such for these services. You just need a device and internet.

Accessing on-demand movies and TV shows on the internet is just a fraction of what you would pay to the cable provider. For Cable TV, you can watch all content you need but at a premium package, and the same can be watched at a lower price via Video-on-Demand.

You get a wide variety of television shows and movies from the VOD service providers. You can access hundreds and thousands of different kinds of shows and movies. 

7 Best Video on Demand Streaming Service Providers: 2021

1. Brightcove: Best Video on Demand Streaming Service Provider

Brightcove Beacon is an excellent VOD streaming service provider that helps you grow. They help you reach and retain global audiences with flexible layouts, monetization options, and unmatched reliability. It is an all-in-one, an industry-leading solution that helps grow your audiences using coupons and trial offers so you can empower your audience by letting them choose how they pay. They have flexible subscription offers, are ad-supported, and provide transactional pay models to maximize your revenue. It helps you deliver a premium experience to your viewers with speed and ease. 


  • Allows you to define the viewer app experiences on a mobile, tablet, connected TV, and smart TV and delivers a consistent experience across devices.
  • Allows you to curate and deliver content for your audience segments. You can automate the curation of playlists and carousels to securely store and deliver content with DRM support for live and on-demand content across all devices. 
  • Allows you to automate content availability windows by time, geography, and device and configure your VOD and live content offerings for the demographic changes that occur throughout the week or day.
  • Allows you to choose from Beacon’s flexible monetization models: SVOD, AVOD, AuthVOD, and Freemium. You can also put together different monetization methods to create unique offers that can be transacted in local currencies and payment methods, including QR codes and e-wallets.

Pricing: You can get customized pricing from them according to your needs.

Pro Tip: They allow you to get insights on viewer behaviour to drive content programming, product layout, and monetization decisions. This directly helps improve operations through advanced analytics that detail financial performance and user behaviour, including churn and upgrade patterns.

2. Uscreen: Best Video on Demand Streaming Service for Creators

Uscreen helps you launch your branded streaming service in just a few simple steps with their video website themes and templates. Their themes can dazzle and convert, and you can make them your own without any coding. You can unlock the true potential of your videos with their built-in marketing and automation tools. Using their marketing and community features, you can supercharge your reach. Using the built-in sales and analytics reports, you can track your success. Their experts can teach you how to maximize the use of their built-in retention tool and help you build a stable, sustainable and scalable business.


  • Allows you to set up subscriptions, rentals, or one-time buys for access to your VOD and live streams and create exclusive experiences for your subscribers with coupons and promotions. 
  • Helps in the generation of profit and setting up complete sales and marketing funnels easily with their built-in marketing tools and integrations. It helps generate leads and convert your audience into paying subscribers.
  • Helps in the scheduling of events in advance and building excitement with a countdown overlay.
  • Helps create a five-star streaming experience for your audience on any device.


Their Basic plan starts from $49 per month. The Amplify plan will cost you $399 per month. They have an additional $0.50 subscription cost per subscriber and a one-time sales fee of 5%. 

Pro Tip: You must take advantage of their leadzen tool to increase your email list size and generate more sales and revenue for free. 

3. Yuja: Best Enterprise Video on Demand Streaming Service

Yuja provides the all-in-one video experience to safely create, manage, discover, collaborate, and live stream video content across any device. The platform also offers integrations into existing enterprise systems, including your LMS, SSO, CMS, company intranet, and website.


  • Enables simultaneous lecture capture and live streaming.
  • Helps scale online training and education programs within your organization.
  • Integrates seamlessly into all major Learning Management (LMS) products to improve the accessibility of digital media and course content. By incorporating market-leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the instructors and technologists get digital accessibility experts to automatically make content more accessible.
  • Enables organizations to get more value from your digital assets by making them easy to organize, discover and distribute.

Pricing: You have to connect with their sales team for a customized pricing quotation.

Pro Tip: Yuja is the perfect choice for you if you want a video-on-demand service along with integrated LMS capabilities. 

4. Dacast: Best Video on Demand Streaming Service for Businesses

Dacast helps you host, manage, and monetize your live and on-demand content while simultaneously scaling your VOD business through a secure, unified platform. You can organize your video content to easily stream for your viewers. You can create categories, subcategories, and playlists to present content in an easy to navigate manner and customize your video player with your logo and colours. 


  • Helps monetize your VOD platform with varying monetization features. Use an SSL secure paywall to monetize with TVOD, SVOD, and AVOD models and run ads on your content to collect ad revenue. 
  • Protect VOD content with passwords, domain and IP restrictions, HTTPS delivery, and more. Their API gives you the ability to choose which privacy and security features.
  • Helps broadcast your content to viewers around the world using their network of reliable content delivery network partners.

Pricing: They offer a 30-days free trial. They also offer plans that start from $39, $63, $188, and their custom plan. 

Pro Tip:  You can deliver videos with multi-bitrate technology to ensure that every viewer has an optimal experience and access all features, and integrate it into your own digital media workflow programmatically. 

5. Innorelay: Best Video on Demand Streaming Service Provider

Innorelay helps you securely host and manage your videos on demand, with the best playback quality across any device. You can launch your own platform with end-to-end customization that makes what you see yours. They offer consistent and robust OTT streaming solutions that help manage end-user subscriptions and create the best streaming experience for your users with their video solutions fully controlled by your needs.


  • Gives you the best cross-browser compatibility for the best playback quality across any device.
  • Enables blocking partial/entire content based on country/region.
  • Gives your users the flexibility to download and view videos without internet connectivity.
  • Helps create a complete white-labelled video-on-demand platform.
  • Ensures the best viewing experience.
  • Helps track and analyze all videos on your subscription-based VOD platform and provides user-level aggregated data to help you understand what’s working and what’s not for your platform.

Pricing: You have to connect with their sales team for a customized pricing quotation.

Pro Tip: Make sure to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party Video Ad servers and monetize with Ad-supported VOD. If not, you can choose to design your own subscription plans with free trial offers to attract more users.

6. Castr.io: Best Video on Demand Streaming Service for Streamers

A professional live video streaming platform, Castr is ideal for both businesses and individual streamers. It helps you stream, host, schedule and monetize your live videos in high-quality 4k resolution with Akamai CDN. Their dedicated tech support makes sure your live event goes smoothly on its way in and out. With Castr you can stream buffer-free and lag-free not only to 30+ social platforms but also to your own website or app simultaneously.


  • Helps deliver your video content anywhere and embed videos and stream to your own website or over-the-top (OTT) platforms using the Castr Embedded Player.
  • Helps boost your views and grow your audience. It allows you to broadcast live videos into multiple social media platforms and streaming destinations all at the same time. 
  • Helps monetize your live videos and on demand videos just the way you want. 
  • Helps turn live streams into on-demand videos (VOD) so that your viewers can re-watch, pause, skip, rewind, or fast-forward your shows however they like to. 

Pricing: They offer all-in-one entry, which starts at $450 per year and allows you two concurrent streams and 6TB of bandwidth. Their Plus plan will cost you $750 and their Premium plan will be $1250 for 12TB and 24TB bandwidth. 

Pro Tip: You can stream buffer-free and lag-free not only to 30+ social platforms but also to your own website or app simultaneously. So, make sure to monetize your livestreams with ads, subscriptions, and more. 

7. Fanhero: Best Video on Demand Streaming Service Provider

The white-label, all-in-one live streaming and OTT solution, Fanhero empowers organizations by helping them distribute, analyze, and monetize video content. Other than helping in offering the best-performing, high-definition video solution to your users, they also provide in-depth video optimization, live chat, screencasting, and a global content delivery network for a seamless experience. 


  • Helps build a community of customers, users, and fans around your content and unleash the power of engagement by connecting users to increase conversion, maximize retention, optimize revenue.
  • Helps send push notifications, e-mails, and SMS to specific groups of users and segment users by demographic and behavioral data.
  • Helps create real revenue opportunities by allowing customers to sign up and create their own channels while monetizing at every sale that takes place.
  • Enables video conferencing and lets you monetize your video content through subscriptions, sponsorships, or advertisements. 

Pricing: You need to connect with their sales team for a customized pricing quotation.

Pro Tip: They help you build a digital marketplace: a platform-in-the-middle business that allows third parties to distribute and monetize their content while retaining a line of the economics.


These video streaming services are the future of video content delivery. With digitalization and an onset of Video-on-Demand services, cord cutting is rising and users are switching to OTT streaming services to stream shows and movies anytime and wherever they want. This is the most versatile kind of broadcasting because the live-stream becomes on-demand the next day of streaming. It is best that you hop onto the VOD bandwagon, so that you are not left behind in the cord of traditional streaming. Use the best Video-on-Demand streaming service providers to create an impeccable effect.