Animoto Review: Best Video Maker for Amateur Professionals

The advancing digital world that we are living in demands engagement of every brand in online platforms. The engagement is created by making videos on the products and services offered by the enterprises and video editing tools have a commendable role to play in it. Have you ever wondered where this amazing brand videos came from? Then you are in the right place. Animoto is an online tool for crafting videos and editing them from raw photos from your gallery and files too.

Thinking of hiring a graphic designer for your startup? Well, you need not initially. Since Animoto video-editor has got it all covered for you. The videos can be edited with any format of compatible file source in a very short span time. The edited videos look very professional and this makes Animoto, the ideal video editor for advertising agencies and marketing clients. Animoto video editor can also be used for your friend’s birthday wish or your colleague’s work anniversary as it has numerous features to offer. I will give a glimpse of the Animoto reviews, which is the best video-maker for newbies.

So let’s delve into the attributes of a great video maker and how to choose them?

How to Choose a Professional Video Maker or Editor?

There are numerous video-editor tools available in the market, so it is confusing sometimes for you to choose the ideal editor that suits your business needs!

Well, the key ingredient of a good online video editor is “easy to use” functions. The best thing about Animoto editor is, even a lean man with no knowledge of graphic designing or animation can edit the videos with a professional outlook.

The second best thing about a video editor is the availability of ample templates for you to choose from. Animoto offers the suite of templates for your video making needs for various occasions and themes.

Lastly, Animoto is a professional video maker with a swift finish, which we look for in every tool. Animoto is an ideal tool to create your brand videos and edit it as well to create an influential engagement in social media at a much lower time and cost. The brand assures increased sales, boosted traffic and high audience engagement.

Now, you need to figure out the product features of a professional video maker, which I have discussed in the next section.

Animoto Review | Product Features

DRAG AND DROP INTERFACE: The drag and drop feature simply allows you to drag your own images from the gallery and drop it in the pre-existing templates that fit your theme and voila ! the video is created.

Similarly, for video-editing also, you can select the video clips you have and run it in the Animoto editor checking the duration and the theme you want and you are good to go!

VERSATILE VIDEO TEMPLATES: The video maker gives a professional boost to your editing skills through unrivalled templates suited for diversified agendas and purpose. The brands are focusing on short videos to create an online presence in social media and Animoto gives you that edge by offering pre-existing templates saving a lot of time and energy.

ACCESS TO MILLIONS OF STOCK ASSETS: The Animoto video-editor has tied up with the Getty images to give access to 1 million stocks of photos and videos fit for the curated business plans and much more. Animoto lets you decide what’s best for your business and helps it cater to the marketing needs by the accurate samples of photos and video options to choose from. The video experts also guide you through the entire process of editing and creating!

Why Should You Use Animoto?

Animoto is the best video-maker of 2020 according to many reviews. The main reason is the simplicity of the Animoto software as it can be used by every person, who wants to create and edit videos really quick. The editor offers quality proficiency on top of the less time consuming to meet your marketing needs on a regular basis. The three main target users of this app are 1) Entrepreneurs or Business associates ( Formal use) 2) Photographers and Bloggers ( Both Formal and Informal Use) and 3) Families and friends ( Personal Use) and the like.

Animoto Review: How to Get Started?

The 7 Step guide to your Animoto experience is on the way!

  1. It is really simple to just gather the pictures or the clips you want to edit.
  2. Then go to the official website of Animoto and then sign up by creating the account or the profile.
  3. Select the type of video you want to create from the existing templates.
  4. Choose your style and customize it as per your needs.
  5. Add pictures, videos, text, music and change fonts to make it attractive.
  6. Preview it, produce it and it is over. Just save it now.
  7. Finished!

Animoto Review: Pros and Advantages

Videos can create an everlasting impression on your formal presentations and reports, so it is an interesting tool for office workers and academic officials also to make their reports engaging and to the point. The features of Animoto video editor tool comprises of the following features :

1) Square Video output which can be easily shared on social platforms like Instagram and Tumblr.

2) Have the customized voice segments where you can add your voice-over in the video itself.

3) Presence of cards and boards that saves the previously edited videos for use later on.

4) Simple to use technology that can be used by a lean man without any degree of video-editing!

5) Sharing is easier than ever to youtube, emails, social media sites through the Animoto cloud hosting feature.

6) Great collection of music which you can easily add to your video and customize the duration and snaps accordingly.

Animoto Review: Pricing Plans

There are three types of pricing plans in Animoto :

Personal use: The category is for family and wishes posts for personal use. The plan allows crafting unlimited slideshows but the pricing is $8 monthly if you pay to do a one-time payment annually and it cost cheaper than the monthly subscription.

Professional Use: The category is for marketing associates and for reputed brands who want to create engaging content videos. This is the most popular subscription and it comes with a 14-day free trial to evaluate the Animoto benefits. The plan comprises not only creating unlimited HD videos and slideshows but also sharing it without any restrictions to diversified social media platforms. The annual price plans are $22 per month, however, the same scheme is $42 per month if you go for the monthly subscription.

Business Use: The category is relevant for companies, organizations and business corporates. The marketing team of any company requires the video creation function and for that, the online plan per month comes at $34, if the annual subscription is availed and the same plan comes at $64 per month if you opt for the monthly subscription. The smart choice is to opt for the yearly subscription for any category.

Animoto Reviews: Feedback from Real Users

Real-time users of the app are happy customers indeed. Here, I will illustrate the comments from the users and they share their valuable experience with Animoto video-editor:

1) The digital marketer consultant, Pooja says “ Very simple to implement and perfect for social media”

2) The Marketing Manager, Michael says “ Animoto Videos are perfect for low budgets”

3) Development Coordinator, Shannon says “ A need for social media videos plus campaigns! “

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Animoto Alternatives List

Animoto is not only one blazing the market, let’s see at the alternatives to the app as well:

  1. Adobe Spark
  2. iMovie
  3. Filmora
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro
  5. Windows Movie Maker
  6. Camtasia
  7. Magisto
  8. Final Cut Pro X

Animoto Review | The Simplest Video Editor Tool

Animoto is an imperative tool for those who are the beginner in the field inclusive of photographers, bloggers, business professionals and marketing officials as well. Video making is an essential tool of communication in terms of marketing of your brand or just a wish post for you dear ones. Animoto does not require you to be an expert to use it. It is very simple to use with smooth finishing and comes with a cheaper option as compared to its alternative competitors. The yearly subscription is a much cheaper option to enjoy the app al around the year without any hassle and the brand also has tie-ups with the top brands like Getty images to give the best experience of photo and music collections to the subscribers.