Best Video Email Marketing Software Platforms and Tools: 2022

Video e-mail marketing employs embedded HTML5 videos, GIFs, and static images with a play button as a link to a video to improve subscriber engagement via e-mails.

Your e-mail recipients will not necessarily be able to watch videos without leaving their inboxes if you use video e-mail marketing. Marketers frequently employ video e-mail marketing to link a video thumbnail image within an e-mail to a landing page where the video may be found.

Because video is such a popular marketing channel (in fact, 83 percent of marketers believe its value is only increasing), incorporating it into your e-mail marketing can help you engage your subscribers and drive conversions.

Furthermore, did you know that video is used by over 80% of organizations in their marketing efforts? This is most likely due to the positive outcomes of video implementation. While it may appear that utilizing video in e-mail is a taboo subject, it may be pretty successful.

Consider sending subscribers bonus stuff through e-mail. Going the additional mile with a surprise bonus could excite your e-mail subscribers, who are likely to like a diversity of your content.

For example, if you send out weekly newsletters about Instagram content, you could include a link to a live webinar about Instagram Stories that you’re hosting at the end of the month. You’ll be able to generate excitement for the event, keep subscribers informed about what’s going on at your firm, and give them a reason to keep reading your e-mails.

You can also use e-mails to educate your subscribers on the essential principles of your company.

What makes video e-mail marketing so successful?

Increases the number of people who open and click on your e-mails.

Attracts a lot of attention Information is effectively processed

Forwarding is increased.

It has the potential to go viral.

Benefits of Using Video in Email Marketing

Doing e-mail marketing if you’re a business or a brand? Here are the benefits:

More people will open the e-mails, and the click-through rate will see an increase.

The term “video” can raise open rates by 19 per cent and click-through rates by 65 per cent in an e-mail subject line. It indicates that consumers are more interested in seeing what’s inside and consider the information in the video to be more helpful.

Attracts a lot of interest

Users will pay more attention to e-mail with videos in them because they take longer to read.

The information is successfully processed.

When people watch a video, they recall 95% of the information, compared to only 10% when they read a text. Because our brain processes visual information significantly faster than text, using a video in an e-mail allows you to transmit all of the necessary information in a concise amount of time.

Forwarding is increased

If the video appeals to people’s emotions, they are more inclined to share it with their friends and peers on social media. You may broaden your reach and raise brand awareness this way.

It has the potential to go viral.

Suppose the video is polished, brief, and impressive; whether for its beauty or sense of humour, it is likely to become popular quickly. Of course, for a video to become viral, it must be perfect and simple to comprehend, but with the correct mentality and a team of motivated pros, the sky’s the limit!

Best Video Email Marketing Software Platforms and Tools: 2021


Vadoo TV is the best video e-mail service platform that allows you to expand and deliver your video content quickly. With a sophisticated landing page creator, customization, marketing tools, security features, and integrations with other platforms, you can expand your reach, modify your videos, and get more leads. Vadoo TV is an ad-free video hosting platform ideal for sharing instructional, sales videos, product announcements, and more with your audience.

VadooTV makes it simple to create films and share them across different social media platforms. A SaaS-based business also comes with sophisticated marketing tools to help you expand your reach.

VadooTV allows you to make sales and marketing films, record and distribute classes, produce onboarding and customer support movies, and more. For live streaming and VOD platforms, this video hosting platform uses a peer-to-peer CDN solution to cut bandwidth costs and latency.


  • Secure, fast, and customizable player that makes sharing videos simple.
  • Full white-label features, including a CNAME ad-free video hosting platform
  • Advanced sharing setting on a high-speed CDN Video that is lightning quick
  • Charges for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are reduced. It offloads traffic from your CDN because it uses P2P. When you’re streaming terabytes of data per month, this is a tremendous benefit.
  • Compatibility with a variety of video players.
  • HLS and Dash formats are supported natively.
  • For a seamless viewing experience, we transmit high-resolution HD and 4K videos with no latency.
  • In places with a bad internet connection or minimal coverage, it performs well.
  • End-to-end encryption ensures the safety of your data.
  • Viewer metrics and interaction data in great detail.

Pricing: This app offers a free version and a free trial. The paid plans start from $19 per month.

Pro Tip: You can do a simple connection with your web app or website’s current JavaScript players


Quickpage is the world’s fastest-growing personalized video e-mail marketing software follow-up service. It’s a sales app that helps you build trust and close deals by allowing you to form genuine, human relationships with your customers.

Record and post videos from your phone or PC with ease. Send video pages via animated e-mail (gif) and text message (gif) from your phone or desktop, and embed them in most CRMs. Spread the word on social media. Please copy the link and paste it wherever you like. Every video page has a built-in live chat feature that allows your prospect to engage with you from their phone or computer convenience.


  • Using the native app, film and record video directly from a mobile phone.
  • Trim and brand the video before sending it over e-mail and SMS.
  • Upload finished videos to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Pricing: Quickpage is available for individuals and teams for $29 per month. There is also a free trial available.

Pro Tip: You can also use the screen sharing feature to collaborate with your team.

3. BombBomb

Business professionals utilize BombBomb to create customer interactions through digital platforms, as it is one of the best video e-mail marketing software. It is the only firm that takes a human-centred approach to communication and is the leading provider of video e-mail software. BombBomb allows you to create, send, and track video communications with the tone, emotion, clarity, and personality other mediums lack. And, as inboxes and social media feeds become increasingly clogged with “digital pollution,” standing out in the inbox, building trust, and improving customer experience is more crucial than ever.


Allows customers to work on the move using a mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones.

Users receive one-on-one coaching to help them and their teams succeed with video messaging.

Users can record themselves, their screens, or both when reviewing papers, giving presentations, or educating prospects and clients.

With opens, clicks, and plays, you can keep track of opportunities.

Gmail, Google Chrome, Salesforce, Outreach, Zendesk, and more apps are integrated, allowing users to work more efficiently.


BombBomb Essentials is $299 per year or $29 per month, payable monthly.

BombBomb Plus is $499 per year or $49 per month payable monthly.

Teams: For custom pricing solutions, request a demo.

$2,000 per year (prompt) (comes with one-on-one coaching for users for six weeks, among other things).

*This prompt is just for real estate and mortgage purposes.

Pro Tip: You can avail the benefits of training options through webinars and documentations.

4. Loom

Loom is a video e-mail marketing tool for businesses. Loom is a new, more efficient, and productive way of putting your work to life and connecting with coworkers and customers, combining the expressiveness of video with the convenience of messaging.

You can use this app to screen record less time than it takes to send an e-mail to create an instantly shareable movie. Loom makes it simple to get your message out quickly and effectively, whether you’re onboarding new staff, addressing customer issues or doing code reviews.

Tens of millions of people use Loom in over 120k businesses all around the world.


Online video sharing, customizable branding, encryption, collaboration, commentary, and animation previews are just a few of Loom’s key features. Loom is a video duplication and trimming tool for engineering, sales, customer success, leadership, and customer support teams. It also allows users to distribute bespoke videos and receive notifications after every view. Additionally, it will enable teams to record in “do not disturb” mode on Mac devices to eliminate unneeded disruptions.

Loom is available for on-premise or cloud deployment. It allows teams to collect content in a library and distribute certain movies with groups of people via public folders or password-protected access. It integrates with Gmail, Zendesk, Slack, Embedly, and other services.

Pricing: Loom is free to use; however, you only get access to a limited amount of videos. Monthly and annual subscriptions with unlimited videos start at $5 and $4, respectively, and are offered monthly or annually. For teams and businesses, custom quotes are also available. For more information, contact Loom.

Pro Tip: Communication management and collaboration tools are available, which are great when working with a team.

5. Onemob

OneMob is a full-featured video e-mail marketing platform for startups and small businesses. OneMob specializes in end-to-end Windows solutions. E-forms, Full Text Search, Document Management, Document Indexing, and Version Control are all available in one place with this online Content Management system.

OneMob is a video platform that does so much more. You can bring your sales and marketing teams closer by starting with a video and ending with content. Create and share films, scripts, web pages, documents, photos, URLs, and more with your colleagues and clients in a matter of minutes.

Allow your marketing team to develop content while allowing your sellers to track content consumption and engagement and instantly sync this information back to your CRM (Salesforce or MS Dynamics) to track impact.


  • Create personalized, engaging, and successful content -Receive real-time insights and know when your buyers are interested
  • Improve e-mail engagement by tenfold
  • Increase the amount of prospect and customer data in your CRM
  • Create branded web pages with content (videos, papers, links, YouTube, and more) with only a few clicks and no coding.
  • To get people to take action, use a repeated call to action.
  • Embed calendars, surveys, forms, and other interactive elements on your website to increase interaction.
  • Send a trackable link via e-mail, text, social media, Webex, and other methods.
  • Compose personalized 1:1 or 1:M e-mail campaigns, and track e-mail interaction in Salesforce or MS Dynamics.

Price: Paid plans start from $25 per month. Users can also avail a free trial.

Pro Tip: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Outlook, SalesLoft, Outreach, XANT, Webex, Zoom, and other applications integrated with OneMob.

6. Dubb

Dubb is a video e-mail marketing benefit communication platform that allows business users to communicate personalized, trackable movies. It was founded in 2018. The company was formed by deep technologists specialising in marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning and is based in Los Angeles.

A smartphone app, Outlook Add-In, website, Slack app, and Chrome Extension are all part of the Dubb platform (with integrations to LinkedIn, Gmail, and more). The motto was that anyone should share intelligent, aesthetically exciting content with others without requiring specific tools or technical knowledge.


  • You can record videos using the web and mobile apps.
  • Send videos by e-mail and SMS with ease.
  • Analytics can be used to track audience involvement.
  • Integrates with well-known marketing and CRM platforms.
  • Outlook and Slack integrations

Pricing: Dubb provides both free and paid services. Contact the provider directly for further plans and options after downloading or web activating the free version. Its paid plans for small business starts from $40 per month.

Pro Tip: Dubb is ideal for interacting with clients that prefer to communicate via e-mail, text, or social media. It’s an excellent door opener that allows you to create “evergreen” films for frequently requested client questions.

7. Covideo

For businesses and salespeople, Covideo is the best video e-mail platform.

Covideo allows you to create, send, and measure customized videos that enhance response rates, sales possibilities, and deal closures. Send films via your preferred CRM or social networking platform, or embed them directly into your e-mail or SMS message.

Customize your films even further with a video landing page, CTAs, and a website overlay. You can track every open and click on the analytics dashboard to get insights into your e-mail campaigns and top performers.


  • Documentation in various formats, including smartphone browser apps, screengrabs, Outlook integration, and Chrome extensions.
  • The content that has already been created is uploaded.
  • Text can be added for emphasis and significance.
  • Streaming and encryption
  • Share in various ways via e-mail or SMS, promote on social media, embed on your website, and expand your current network.
  • For your unique landing page, add GIF samples, app overlays, and models to the content.
  • E-mail responses and video sequencing should be followed up with as soon as possible.
  • Tracking Views, interactions with images, and clicks are all tracked in the video.
  • Admin reports are used to demonstrate how video e-mail works for teams.
  • Manage
  • Organize, import, and manage picture content.


Individual Plan: $588 per year invoiced annually OR $69 per month billed monthly, includes unlimited video storage, Success Services, technical support, Training Webinars, and a custom landing page template.

Team Plan: For a price, contact the support team. Concierge Services, Dedicated Account Manager, Video Strategy Sessions, and Monthly Reporting are all included in the Individual package.

Demo of Covideo

After contacting the team, a free trial is accessible, and video tutorials on the Covideo official site for a quick overview of the features and functionality. Covideo, the video management software, includes messaging software that makes it easier for businesses and people to communicate.

Pro Tip: Analytics, Privacy Options, Brand Overlay, Bulk Uploading, Mobile Screen Support, Social Sharing, Video Looping, Customizable Branding, Media Library, Templates, Video Capture, Content Management, Animation, Reporting/Analytics, and Template Management are all available in one place with this online E-mail Marketing system.

8. Bonjoro

Bonjoro is a video e-mail marketing software for customer service teams that makes it simple to shoot and transmit customized welcome and onboarding movies to new customers and clients. Bonjoro works with the e-mail systems that most businesses already have in place.

Users may establish a customer funnel by integrating with thousands of integrations and focusing on goal-oriented campaigns. Users can use the app to deliver videos to specific audiences and increase interaction to meet their objectives. There are almost 20 languages available, and users can connect in their preferred language using the mobile app or the desktop version. It includes CRM, CSV data uploads, and Zapier integration for a comprehensive and filtered customer funnel. Users have a deep understanding of client data thanks to calls, messaging, and unique branding tools. Users can send files to their e-mail address or use HTML to animate messages for a more far-reaching goal.


  • Connect existing CRM systems and set up triggers to bring in the necessary contacts. Once contacts are synced, use the mobile app to make a video quickly.
  • After you’ve captured the video, compose an e-mail message and send it to the receiver.
  • Video communications include call-to-actions.
  • Opens, views, and click-throughs are all tracked by analytics.
  • Integrate video engagement and analytics with a customer relationship management system (CRM).


Bonjoro has three options to choose from, starting with the Cub plan, which is entirely free. Cub allows users to send limitless movies with Bonjoro watermarks and branding for free. The Grizzly Plan, which includes CRM connectors and advanced capabilities, starts at $25 per user each month. The Sleuth costs $45 per month per user and provides all capabilities without limitations.

Pro Tip: Bonjoro does not provide API

9. Vidyard

Vidyard is a personalized e-mail video marketing software designed specifically for virtual selling. It allows you to quickly shoot and transmit films that give a human touch to every level of the sales process, from prospecting to proposals.

Vidyard is trusted by thousands of virtual sales and marketing teams worldwide to help them create more leads and complete more transactions using video, thanks to its robust video analytics and integrations.


  • To create leads, add lead collection forms and calls-to-action directly to your video assets.
  • Use video data in your marketing automation and CRM platforms to target only the most interested prospects.
  • Measure your video’s success and report on how it affects your bottom line.
  • See who is seeing your material and how long they are watching it.

Pricing: It starts from $80 a month and also has a free trial available

Pro Tip: Mobile screen support available. The ability to include a call-to-action in a video is a game-changer that other tools lack. It’s simple to direct someone to a page where they may contact you or show any contact information at the video’s conclusion.

10. Sendspark

Sendspark is a video e-mail marketing tool that lets you stand out in the inbox for better outreach and more transparent communication. Personalized movies are always just a click away with the Sendspark Chrome addon. Provide on-the-fly videos for consumers to introduce yourself, follow up on a conversation, answer questions, demonstrate your product, or create fast instructional.

The platform may be used to boost engagement, increase e-mail conversations, and foster human connections. Sendspark has its own Google Chrome extension. Users can also rely on the particular to send direct messages to specific clients, allowing them to be more genuine with their service.

When customers want to streamline their product launches, communicate corporate updates, or make personal fundraising appeals, the newsletters section comes in handy. Furthermore, Sendspark makes it easier to create event-triggered e-mails, which can be used to nurture leads, personalize sales processes, and onboard new clients.


  • Conversion Tracking
  • Brand Overlay
  • Text Overlay
  • Collaboration
  • Personalized Thumbnails

Pricing: Users will get a free trial and a free version, but you will have to reach their team for more details about the pricing and features for paid plans.

Pro Tip: Reporting and analytics available.


Including videos in your e-mail marketing and social media, campaigns are a great way to engage your audience and stand out from the clutter in their inboxes and feeds.

Start including video in your e-mails if you’re already using it for marketing to liven up your subscribers’ inboxes and drive more traffic to your website. When sending e-mails with video, remember to include the term “video” in the subject line to boost open rates further.

Now is the time to use video e-mails for marketing! Use this software to develop and embed videos in your subsequent e-mail campaigns that will delight and inform your audience.