Biteable Review: Best Video Creation Tool for Marketers in 2022

In today’s era of social media evolution, the online presence of a brand or an influencer in online platforms is a must to develop a strong customer relationship. The online presence can best be expressed through videos and video podcasts, which are the new Wikipedia for the sharing of information and knowledge. Have you ever wondered how this top brand manages to come up with the best-edited videos?

The answer is right here; Biteable is one such video-editor that is easy to use and offers a professional finish with life-like templates and multiple options for both music and backgrounds.

Now, we will move forward to the next tricky question that we have while choosing a video creating tool as there are too many brands available in the market!

How to Choose the Best Video Creation Tool for Social Media?

Whenever we look for a video editor online, we get numerous options for the single app, and it is hard to choose the best from the lot. Videos are the medium of communication to build an audience that can reach a million viewers online globally. Biteable is the best video creation tool for social media professionals. The key characteristics of an excellent video-editor device are listed below:

  1. Simple to use and operate.
  2. Numerous categories of styles and templates– Business, Marketing, Explainer, video ad and animated videos.
  3. Dynamic video templates with a suite of options for fitting all occasions and events.
  4. Built-in- library ensuring it never runs out of footage and animation.
  5. Time-saving technology to allow a steadfast process of selecting templates and get it started.
  6. The easy to use options of sharing the videos of your creation to anywhere in the social media and downloading the same.

Next, we will discuss the features of the Biteable video maker tool and how it will boost your business or make your videos more attractive!

Biteable Review: Product Features

Pick your style – Every one of us has a style of their own. Each brand video and podcast is unique, and biteable gives you an edge over your creative skills! Even if you are a newbie, you can quickly create a professional video by yourself. You get the freedom to browse hundreds of themes and sum two or more items to create something unique of your own that resembles your brand!

You can add your content – Files from your gallery, pictures, videos, music, add anything you want and customize it as per your choice to create something you want with professional finishing.

Add your music- You can add the tune of your choice in the video you edited itself and make your unique video to share it both for professional and personal categories.

Time Saving Editor – Time is money, so biteable video-maker for newbies is an exquisite option for amateur designers who can use it very quickly and make the videos in the less time-consuming manner possible.

Tell your Story – Yes, you can create podcasts, advertisements, presentations, reports, explainers, and post it directly on a social media platform. You can also download the content for future reference that you created.

Up next, we will discuss what makes Biteable the best video-maker in the market!

Why Should You Use Biteable?

Gone are the days when your boss liked static and boring black and white presentations. It is the era of colors and advancement digitally. The throne belongs to the advanced employees in terms of work reports, presentations to escalate yourself on the professional ladder. Moreover, what can be a more exciting add-on in your work model than a brief, productive video?

Therefore video-creation is an essential tool for the business associates as well. The second-best use of videos is by the photographers who are good at still pictures but can boost the promotion with the help of short video-clips that can catch the eyes quickly.

Last but not least, the coupe is ready for personal usage as well. You can create anniversary, trips, birthdays, weddings, and festival videos with the help of this app and that too very easily as it is simple to use and operate.

Biteable Review: How to Get Started?

The steps to use the biteable video editor tool is comprehensive and time-saving.Here, you will understand how to get the perfect video by just following the easy steps illustrated below through the biteable video maker :

  1. Select your Style
  2. Arrange your photos and clips
  3. Add the content
  4. Select the template you like
  5. Select the layout and the duration of the clip
  6. Add tune and music of your choice to the video
  7. Have a preview, and you are done!
  8. Save it and share it!

Biteable Review: Pros and Advantages

The perks of using the Biteable video tool are numerous. Let’s see some of those here :

  1. Drag and Drop – The drag and drop feature of biteable allows you to directly share the raw images and clips that you want to edit just by clicking them and adding them to the app.
  2. Social Media Sharing – Biteable allows you to save the file you created to all social media platforms to increase customer engagement and also to increase the promotion of the brand. You can also download the video and use it as an attachment along with your podcast and presentation.
  1. Built-in-library– We all have unique styles of our own, and so is biteable. Biteable allows you to choose our favorite fashion and use it to create the videos we like and use it for varied purposes, be it personal or formal.
  2. Animation – Biteable allows you to add an extra edge to your video by animation, and it is convenient to use without any hassle and can be a time-saving task too.

Biteable Review: Pricing Plans

Biteable video maker pricing subscriptions comes under four attractive plans :

  1. Free Plan- It requires no credit card, and you can use it for free. The program allows us to make ten videos and watermarked ten video shares at least can be done.
  2. Starter Plan ( New Business) – It has video exports and downloads of 1 per month with unlimited video making, and sharing is also unlimited. The price is $15 per month for the starter pack and billed as $180 each year.
  1. Plus Plan ( Small and Big business) – It has video exports and downloads of 3 per month with unlimited video making and sharing is also infinite. The price is $29 per month for the starter pack and billed as $348 each year.
  2. Unlimited Plan ( Content Creators and Teams) – It has unlimited video exports and downloads with universal video making, and sharing is also infinite. The price is $49 per month for the starter pack and billed as $588 each year.

Biteable Reviews: Feedback from Real Users

Video creation is an art, and it has users from diversified backgrounds with multiple interests. Here, I will enlist the honest reviews of our happy customers who have shared their valuable experience with Biteable video-editor.

  1. Kinga O., the Advertising creative owner, rated Biteable 5 stars and said, ” The greatest video support.”
  2. Garfield McCornick says, ” Biteable is a winner.”
  3. Kishijoten Tomoe says, ” Innovative and easy to use the app.”
  4. Amarra Hannes says, ” I think biteable is amazing, and it is idle for amateur professionals as well.”
  5. An anonymous reviewer says, ” I finished within just two hours.”

Read the full reviews from the users of Biteable video editor at

Biteable Alternatives List

There are ample alternatives to Biteable in the market as well:

  1. Waymark
  3. Lumen5
  4. Videopad
  5. mysimpleshow
  6. Soapbox
  7. Formats
  8. Lumaone
  9. Hippo Video
  10. Video Editor for business

Biteable Review | Tell your story through Biteable

The unique feature of videos is that it connects to the audience on the other side of your screen if you can make great content.

Often, our business has the content and resources required to upscale the market but not the expert guidance needed. Biteable video maker assists you in making attractive videos by choosing from a variety of templates and selecting the unique style that suits your needs. Biteable can make videos possible for advertisements , projects , presentation , reports , social media campaigns and much more.Biteable tells your story to the world in the way you desire. Your video should express you and let biteable bring out the best in you!