Videoscribe Review: Best Whiteboard Video Maker of 2022

Videos are the principal basis of interaction for social media viewers, and the key to creating classy brand videos is a smart videoscribe editor. If you are a teacher by profession, you would want your students to stay hooked to the lessons, and they get an idea of the subjects in brief. Videoscribe helps you create killer explainer videos, excellent for youtube marketing and advertisements as well. Videos are a way step ahead of the script you write or the content you make. Videos can connect better to the audience and have a particular brand engagement with the companies.

Videoscribe is the expert cartoon video editor that can add the best quality high definition animation to the videos you make. Trainers use explainer videos a lot for conducting online classes, and you need not be an expert videographer or editor to use the software. Any lean man can use the videoscribe software easily because it is cost-effective and straightforward.

How to Choose the Best Whiteboard Video Maker?

There are lots of options in the market when it comes to video makers, the key to choose the best video- editor is to narrow it down to your purpose of use. Let’s take a look at the qualities of a good video-editor :

  1. Simple to use – The videoscribe editor has the best whiteboard video maker facility and the drag and drop feature let you select the photos and tunes from the gallery and directly put it in the video maker.
  2. Professional Finishing – The thing that matters the most, if you are going to upload the videos you edit on a social media platform of an organization, then you require a pro touch. The videoscribe assures a professional finishing to the videos you create and edit.
  1. Voiceover Feature – Now, the videoscribe has the smart voiceover feature that adds the personalized touch to the videos that makes your videos unique and attractive.
  2. Customized Templates – Videoscribe has hundreds of templates which are suited for different purposes or occasions in the groove that fits best with the standards.
  3. Smart Animation – The videos come with the first-hand animation and creates a platform for the people to do animated videos that are engaging and boosts online website traffic.

Videoscribe Review: Product Features

  1. Youtube marketing – Videoscribe is a favourite video editor for social media YouTubers as it adds an extra edge of realism to the content they create. Moreover, the addition of their voice over is a thrilling impact that influencers use to create their own identity in the market.
  2. Teaching and Training – Online classes and crash courses can best be explained to the students sitting miles away through the glass board Whiteboard videos. Videoscribe video editor is best for such use and is very popular among the educationists.
  1. Facebook advertising- The list of marketing campaigns on Facebook is unlimited. To make your brand unique and grab the share of the most massive social media audience’s attention, Videoscribe video maker will assist you in making your marketing game secure.
  2. Sales Videos – The Whiteboard videos form of sales videos can make the videos attractive in the sales genre as well. The factual content can be placed in a more fun way and help the viewers realize the uniqueness of your product and service.

Why Should You Use Videoscribe?

  • Marketer – Videos are proven to increase conversations and retweets in the social media platforms be it mails, websites or anything. The visuals give learners an advanced insight into the content you are plunging to create.
  • Educator – The smart classrooms are offering online degrees often use video presentations to enhance the educational tool-kits by making it captivating. It aids the students in grabbing the lessons faster in a less complex medium. It brings the subject matter to life.
  • Trainer – Videoscribe efficiently engages the audience for a more extended period, the attention of the students is captivated, and visuals are effective conduits of the educating mechanism.

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Videoscribe Review: How to Get Started?

Video scribe videos are viral in social media handles, teaching, office presentations, children games, and even for the advertising segment incorporates. The video scribe videos are now used in the professional world, too, because of its ethnicity and creativity in all industries. videoscribe is the best video maker for social media professionals as it comes with a simple, time-saving technique to use the app and create the videoscribe video of your choice.

  1. You can see a screen with multiple options, and to create a new video option is there on the whiteboard, blackboard, green board, or glass board.
  2. Now you open the painting canvas with props, illustrations, texts, fonts and select accordingly to create an image of your choice
  3. You can add your character and picture of yourself, which can be uploaded too.
  4. It takes a minute or two to figure out the animation and drag the image to the canvas.
  5. Then, the next step is to add the audio or the voice over of your choice to the blueprint of the animation you created.
  6. Add text, voiceover, colours, and images and drag them to create the real lifelike video.
  7. Just finish and export the video, and it takes a bit of second.

Videoscribe Review: Pros and Advantages

  1. Smart Draw Technology – It assists you to draw any image in seconds and adds a tinge of realistic animation to it. It also allows you to upload your pictures and trace the path with patents of videoscribe and point-and-click custom draw paths are used.
  2. Free Software updates – We all like when we get gifts, and the fantastic thing is videoscribe video maker also comes with software updates for expanded new features at free cost.
  3. Recording of your voiceover – videoscribe video maker also allows you to record the custom based voice over and use it for the video editing and teach the same in the Whiteboard videos sketch.
  4. Exporting is simple – As soon as the Whiteboard videos video is created, wait for a few seconds, and there you go with the exporting and uploading it.
  5. Flexible options – Whiteboard videos is the best online video maker as it gives you access to create whatever your imagination allows you to. The animation is not robust, and even a 7-year-old can use it as the brand claims!

Videoscribe Review: Pricing Plans

Video Scribe Pricing comes under two categories for two cadres of people- Single Users and Team Licenses.

Single Users :

It has features like removing videoscribe watermarks and enjoying premium images apart from the basic features. You can also enjoy HD videos, publish to online sharing platforms, the addition of our logo watermark in the videos, create unlimited mp4 and AVI video files and PNG, JPEG sequences as well. You can also work offline here, download to multiple devices and resell your videos.

  1. Monthly Plan – The monthly plan comes under a price tag of $ 17.50 per month.
  2. Best Value – This is the yearly plan, and it comes under a price tag of $ 8 per month as it is billed as $96 in a year.
  3. Quarterly plan – This is the yearly plan, and it comes under a price tag of $ 35 with a payment thrice a month.

Team Licenses :

  1. Team of 5+ users – The plan comes under a price tag of $ 155 per user.
  2. Team of 10+ users – The plan comes under a price tag of $ 150 per user
  3. Team of 20+ users – The plan comes under a price tag of $ 145 per user, and the more you buy here, the higher is the discount. It may cost you $0 annually even, so it is time for you to make a smart choice.

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Videoscribe Reviews: Feedback from Real Users

Let’s have a look at the feedback from the videoscribe users, which includes BBC, World Bank Group, The University of British Columbia, who have shared their valuable opinions regarding the software :

  • Mark says – ” The whiteboard effect is great for intro and outro videos as well as for explanatory videos that are so popular.”
  • Tim says – “ Great easy to use the software, was able to learn it quickly and create awesome videos!”
  • Melissa says – “ Videoscribe has essentially changed my life. My educational videos using videoscribe has been excellent and has been engaging the students better.”

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Videoscribe Alternatives List

  1. Animotica
  2. Raw Shorts
  3. Video Maker FX
  4. PlayPlay
  5. Introbrand Logo Animation Maker
  6. Tune Fab Screen Recorder
  7. LightMV
  8. Waymark
  9. OFFER

VideoScribe | Best Whiteboard Video Editor

The best videos of the internet come from? Then you are in the right place. Most brands these days maintain a customer relationship that assists them in building a better audience. The key to being a professional in videography without training is to get yourself invested in a smart video editor – like videoscribe.

videoscribe is the best online video-editor for newbies, and it helps in making the videos online at ease in a time-saving method. The key to a simple editor for video-making is you can learn the functions easily, and you need not extra workforce to handle the editing team as a whole. videoscribe has two products – videoscribe, story pix, SVG studio,

Video scribe offers many exciting features at the free level, and it is an ideal choice for beginners to make short video clips and advertisements.