The Best Vimeo OTT Alternatives & Competitors: Reviewed 2022

If you generate video content, it is most likely that you have come across Vimeo. This is a video-on-demand platform that has since its inception in 2004, has been of major help in the creative market. It has helped content creators, primarily in the B2C with the uploading and embedding of their content. Now, they have successfully launched the Vimeo OTT, and are not limited to VOD only. The new platform can accommodate the constantly changing requirements in the VOD platform. 

Vimeo platform helps both broadcasters and influencers in creating their own subscription-based OTT application or website. Their team takes care of all the technical aspects, so you can only focus on creating high-quality content. However, the one problem here is that their pricing is primarily for premium customers. So, even though the quality is high, you will have to pay a very high price for it. It does not offer absolute customizations and there is no audio streaming. So, while Vimeo has been excellent, the current market has better to offer. In this article, we talk about the best Vimeo OTT Alternative and Competitors. 

Choosing the Best Vimeo Alternative

While Vimeo has its downsides, it offers a whole lot of benefits that cannot be ignored. When we are looking for the best Vimeo Alternative, we need to keep in mind that the alternative also offers the best that Vimeo offers like:

  • Their world-class video player and CDN helps deliver high-quality video.
  • Their content management system allows you to upload, organize, and transcode videos.
  • They offer seamless monetization options with subscriptions for users.
  • They allow you to stream live content to your users, which includes event-based live streaming.
  • They help migrate content and databases with no downtime.
  • They help easily build branded applications for your customers.

So, when you are looking for an alternative for Vimeo, make sure you get the best of both worlds. See that while you are saving in the costs, and there is a reduction of issues that you would face with Vimeo, you also get most of their best features in the other platforms too.

The Best Vimeo OTT Alternatives & Competitors: Reviewed 2021

1. Dacast: Best Vimeo OTT Alternative and Competitor of 2021

Dacast helps you scale your VOD business with its secure and unified platform. They help host, manage, and monetize your live and on-demand content. Other than that, you get help in the organization of your video content to make streaming for your viewers very easy. It allows you to build categories, subcategories, and playlists to display content in a way that is simple to navigate. You can personalize their video player with your logo and colours to put your brand front and centre. You can completely customize the look and feel of your content.


  • They offer several monetization features. You can use an SSL secure paywall to monetize with TVOD, SVOD, and AVOD models. They help run ads on your content to collect ad revenue. They have a tool that allows you to offer coupon codes or packages with bundled rates.
  • They help protect content with passwords, domain and IP restrictions, HTTPS delivery, and more. They offer a full video API that allows you to choose which privacy and security feature you want or need.
  • It allows you to share your content with viewers around the world with the help of our network of reliable content delivery network partners.

Pricing: They offer a 30-day free trial, and you can then choose from their affordable pricing plans starting from $39, $63, $188, and their custom plan. 

Pro Tip: With the Akamai network, you can cater pristine video quality in up to full HD 1080p resolution and videos with multi-bitrate technology to ensure that every viewer has an optimal experience. You can take advantage of every feature and integrate it into your own digital media workflow programmatically. Or, you could create your own OTT video platform from scratch with RESTful APIs. With their iOS and Android SDKs, you can easily create mobile apps.

Limitation: Their bandwidth is a big problem in choosing their service for an engaged user base. If you have a good and dedicated user base, you could easily consume their yearly bandwidth quota within a few days. 

2. Uscreen: Best Vimeo OTT Alternative of 2021 for Content Creators

With Uscreen’s video website themes and templates, you can quickly launch your branded streaming service in just a few simple steps. Their themes have been designed to dazzle and convert, and you can make them your own without any coding. You can unlock the true potential of your videos with their built-in marketing and automation tools. Their marketing and community features will help supercharge your reach, and the built-in sales and analytics reports will help track your success. You can tap into their knowledge base and stay ahead of the game. Their experts will teach you how to maximize the use of the built-in retention tool, and help you build a stable, sustainable and scalable business.


  • They allow you to set up subscriptions, rentals, or one-time buys for access to your VOD and live streams. You can build exclusive experiences for your subscribers with coupons and promotions. It has one predictable fee, transparent pricing, and same-day setup.
  • Their ecosystem has been designed to help you generate profit. It allows you to set up complete sales and marketing funnels with ease, with their built-in marketing tools and integrations. It helps generate leads and convert your audience into paying subscribers at no extra cost.
  • It helps you schedule events in advance and builds excitement with a countdown overlay.
  • It helps deliver a five-star streaming experience for your audience on any device.


They offer three pricing models- basic, amplify, and enterprise. The Basic plan starts from $49 per month/ billed annually, while the Amplify plan will cost you $399 per month. Additionally, there is a $0.50 subscription cost per subscriber and a one-time sales fee of 5%. 

Pro Tip: With their Leadzen tool, you can increase your email list size and generate more sales and revenue for free. 

Limitation: Their video storage limit is 3000 minutes for the Basic plan and 7500 minutes for the Amplify plan. Given that they are charging almost ten times more in the amplify plan, they should increase the video storage limit to 30,000 minutes for the plan. 

3. CONTUS VPlayed: Best Vimeo OTT Alternative for VOD 2021

The world’s best video on demand platform, CONTUS Vplayer, has more than 150 streaming features and more than six monetization models to make and cater immersive video experiences across any device. Their enriched features, customizations, and an in-house team to build your media platform help it stand out from the rest.


  • They help create your customizable video-on-demand platform according to your need with their VOD solution, which has good headway streaming features.
  • It helps you repackage to sell your videos carrying their own logo, features, irrespective of having any technical background knowledge. So, you can stand alone easily in the on-demand streaming business world.
  • They help you obtain your VOD streaming platform with a source code license and take lifetime ownership to upscale success forever.
  • They help harness the power of world-class streaming technology. It helps you operate your VOD platform on your secured on-premises hosting server or on cloud-integrated servers.
  • They help maximize your ROI with more than six video monetization models like SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, etc.
  • It allows you to leverage any third-party service integrations like Google Analytics, Payment Gateways, Ads Insertion, etc., to help save time and diligently have add-on extensions to enhance your VOD platform.

Pricing: You have to get in touch with their team for a customized pricing quotation.

Pro Tip: It offers a robust video marketing solution with ROI-centric features. With conversion tools, you get features to personalize your videos with custom watermarks that can be added directly from the platform dashboard.

Limitations: This is one of the best choices for your video-on-demand platform because it comes with complete customization and a dedicated team that helps create your OTT platform. There are barely any limitations.

4. Innorelay: Best Vimeo OTT Alternative Streaming Solution of 2021

Innorelay offers the best playback quality across any device. It helps host and manage your videos on demand safely and launch your own platform with end-to-end customization. It brings you a consistent and robust OTT streaming solution. They help you manage end-user subscriptions and create the best streaming experience for your users with their video solutions that can be fully controlled by your needs.


  • It provides the best cross-browser compatibility for the best playback quality across any device.
  • Their Video on Demand solution enables blocking partial/entire content based on country/region.
  • They offer your users the flexibility to download and view videos without internet connectivity.
  • They help build a complete white-labelled video-on-demand platform with no mention of Innorelay anywhere.
  • It ensures the best viewing experience with very little buffering.
  • They help track and analyze all videos on your subscription-based VOD platform. It provides user-level aggregated data to help you understand what’s working and what’s not for your platform.

Pricing: You have to connect with their sales team for a customized pricing quotation.

Pro Tip: You can easily and seamlessly integrate with third party Video Ad servers and monetize with Ad-supported VOD. Or you can also design your own subscription plans with free trial offers to attract more users.

5. Muvi: Best Vimeo OTT Alternative for Video on Demand 2021

Description: Muvi is known to be the best Vimeo Alternative that is fully inclusive, fully-featured, and fully managed. It is the World’s only All-in-One OTT Platform provider, which allows you to launch White Label Multi-Device OTT streaming & Video Streaming Platforms, offering Video on Demand (VOD), Live Streaming, Monetizations, CDN, DRM, and more. They help launch Audio Streaming Platforms offering Music Streaming and Live Audio broadcasts. It includes everything, end-to-end, all controlled from a single CMS, no coding or IT teams required. It is your go-to partner for providing online video streaming services. 


  • They provide a completely white-labelled website with your own domain name.
  • They allow you to integrate your favourite payment gateway so that you can accept money directly to your account.
  • They help you launch your own Roku Channel or App.
  • They show you the subscription status of the users.
  • They help deliver buffer-free content across the world.
  • With their built-in SEO, you can optimize your content better. 
  • With their AI, you can reshare the streaming ecosystem.

Pricing: They offer five different plans. Their Standard plan will cost you $399 every month. Their Professional plan will cost you $1499 every month. Their Enterprise plan will cost you $3900 each month. Their Ultimate plan will cost you $8900 each month. Their Black plan is completely customizable. 

Pro Tip: Use Muvi’s Chromecast Connected Ecosystem. It lets your viewers stream their favourite videos from your streaming platform to their Chromecast connected Screens and TVs out-of-the-box without any headache of installing additional apps or add-ons. 

6. JWPlayer + FloatLeft TV: Best Vimeo OTT Alternative for Launching a VOD Platform

They have tailored end-to-end solutions to deliver compelling video experiences across all screens in partnership with Float Left. OTT Apps from JW Player provides quick and scalable solutions for launching premium viewing experiences across every video screen. Given that development and maintenance are costly and there have been incomplete solutions when launching apps, this is an excellent choice. They help develop and launch user-centric apps in less time with a complete range of turnkey or custom solutions designed for maximum engagement. 


  • They help drive content discovery with custom designs that have been optimized for maximizing viewing, in-app search, and mobile notifications.
  • They help you manage, publish, monetize and analyze your content across the web and apps with seamless workflows in one platform.
  • They help in the delivery of content across OTT Apps, existing in-house apps, all from the same backend.

Pricing: You have to connect with their sales team for a customized pricing quotation.

Pro Tip: Always follow their Integrated Cross-Platform Reporting. It allows you to segment your data by OTT platform, create and save custom reports, compare metrics, and export your data to a CSV. Following this, you can make strategic decisions and optimize content.

7. Mazesystems: Best Vimeo OTT Alternative of 2021

Description: Mazesystem helps you deliver branded OTT experiences across all major platforms simultaneously without developers. With high-end tested layouts and multiple monetization models, MAZ Video can help you launch your brand quickly at an affordable price. They provide you with the flexibility to be completely focused on content creation while they take care of the platform.


  • They allow you to choose whether you wish to upload and manage your videos directly in MAZ’s connected content management system or bring your own streaming solution like Vimeo or JW Player.
  • It provides a sophisticated cross-platform “what you see is what you get” design system that lets you publish to every platform simultaneously from a single configuration.
  • They help provide your users with a seamless experience by tracking their saved content, purchases, and progress across platforms.
  • They allow you to export user data for re-marketing and data centralization.
  • They help send push notifications and banners to different user segments based on subscription status.

Pricing: You have to connect with them to get a quotation according to your needs.

Pro Tip: They offer both AVOD and SVOD business models, so you can use them to make your OTT platform more viable. 

8. Maginepro: Best Vimeo OTT Alternative for Video Streaming

Description: Maginepro helps get the most flexible video streaming services and apps. They help create an end-to-end OTT service that delivers your Live, Linear and VOD content to audiences everywhere. Their full end-to-end capabilities mean you can focus on the content, and they will take care of the rest. Their content ingestion and delivery architecture is reliable, robust and proven.


  • It allows you to tailor your web service and apps with their CMS Console and create a dynamic interface and user experience effortlessly.
  • They support SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD business models, either separately or combined. 
  • They can personalise offerings based on the sustainability and growth of your OTT business and within the necessary return of investment.
  • Their end-to-end proprietary platform enables you to provide a fully managed video streaming service, and they ensure rapid development and flexibility.

Pricing: They offer a 14 day trial period.

Pro Tip: They offer multiscreen streaming services. Use that because it helps you successfully monetize your content and securely distribute it to audiences around the world.


When you are building an OTT platform, it is extremely important that you provide quality content and experience. This is one of the most important things for the retention of customers. The originality and quality of your content are totally dependent on you, but if you choose one of the best Vimeo OTT Alternatives and Competitors mentioned above, you certainly would not have to worry about quality. Vimeo is undoubtedly one of the bests in the market. But, technology has gifted us with several alternatives that offer really good features at very affordable prices.