10 Best Courses on Video Marketing to Try in 2022

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Video Marketing might not seem as widespread as social media or email marketing, but it has seen exponential growth in popularity and profitability. Social media platforms place very high value on video content and companies across all industries must certainly invest in video marketing output. Irrespective of whether it is YouTube videos on a company …

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Best OTT Solutions to Build Video Subscription Platform: 2022

As the pandemic has forced people to stay at their homes, new OTT platforms have entered the market, and the growth has been tremendous. In the present day, viewers want more control of what, when, and where they watch, and among this, the OTT solutions for building a video subscription platform has risen rapidly. Subscription …

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7 Best Video on Demand Streaming Service Providers: 2022

Ever since the pandemic, there has been a rapid shift to at-home viewing of online content and how consumers wish to engage with brands. Tech and media are coming together in real-time with consequences that will be felt for generations. It is essential for the relatively younger industries to come up with fresh strategies to …

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10+ Best HTML5 Video Players to Try in 2022

HTML video player is a technology that helps broadcasters share their video content with viewers over the internet. Their HTML5 streaming technology was built as a compatible alternative to Abode’s Flash player, and it was the most monumental development in video streaming.  These video players offer the support that broadcasters need to reach large audiences …

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7 Best Video on Demand (VOD) Platform Providers: 2022

It would be an understatement to say that the global video-on-demand market is booming. It is projected to reach $159 billion by 2027 and will grow at an astounding rate. VoD is a way of accessing video content online from traditional channels without the traditional playback. The traditional channels and media outlets forced consumers to …

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Best White Label VOD Platform Providers: 2022

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The video-on-demand (VOD) business is booming. People are increasingly demanding the ability to watch their web videos whenever and wherever they choose. VOD (video on demand) is a method of obtaining content from video libraries online without having to wait for traditional playing. Whereas conventional broadcast channels and media sources obliged users to watch content …

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The Best Video Hosting Platforms to Try in 2022

Video hosting platforms are third-party websites that hold your video content on the servers so that your websites run smoothly. You know that servers are where all the website’s data is stored. So, essentially when someone visits your website, they access the information that is held on the server. If you have a speedy server, …

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The Best Vimeo OTT Alternatives & Competitors: Reviewed 2022

If you generate video content, it is most likely that you have come across Vimeo. This is a video-on-demand platform that has since its inception in 2004, has been of major help in the creative market. It has helped content creators, primarily in the B2C with the uploading and embedding of their content. Now, they …

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Best Video Email Marketing Software Platforms and Tools: 2022


Video e-mail marketing employs embedded HTML5 videos, GIFs, and static images with a play button as a link to a video to improve subscriber engagement via e-mails. Your e-mail recipients will not necessarily be able to watch videos without leaving their inboxes if you use video e-mail marketing. Marketers frequently employ video e-mail marketing to …

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10 Best Youtube Alternatives For Content Creators: 2022


Marketers all around the world had to adjust to the rapid shift in the market as traditional media gradually shifted to the online sphere. Content marketing grew as a result of this trend. Not all content marketing formats, however, are created equal. Among the crowd, videos, in particular, stand out. Video has even been dubbed …

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